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Have you ever played at Online Casino Malaysia? If yes then you can see a clear difference between the traditional and online casino. The concept is same but it is presented in a different way or we can say that it is the electronic version of the games available at traditional casinos. However, you can say that this electronic version is far better. The games are new and more interesting moreover they have new feature as well that keep the players spirit of playing alive for so long. In short, it doesn’t let you get bored.

Whether playing online or offline, some games like roulette are same where the wheel spins but here the wheel is spin by a computer’s program and not manually. However, despite of having these similarities there are many big differences between them.

Difference between traditional and Online Casino Malaysia

Equipments –  sports betting, live casinos, slot games, lottery , poker and other games are just the electronic version which are controlled or manipulated by the computer. Nothing is done manually and hence one can get more outcomes. The computer has to decide the winner whereas in old casinos one person has to be there to rotate the wheel or to take out lottery to determine the winner.

Since everything is controlled by computer, many players don’t trust the online games because programs can be manipulated. However, this is not possible because results are taken out randomly which means there is no chance of manipulation. Random number generator is used to generate the results which make the game fairer.

Privacy and comfort – comfort and privacy is considered as the major reason of playing online casino. Some players don’t like crowd and they wish to play alone which is very well offered by the online casino. Here, you don’t have to wait and get in personal with other players and you can completely enjoy the privacy. Moreover, comforts come with attractive promotions that may not be possible with the traditional platform.

You don’t have to give tip to the waiter or get engaged in the fight with the other player due to unfair game. Your services will come straight to you without any disturbance and interference because online casino offers 24 hour business and live support.

Casinos staff and computers – the entire game play is run by the dealer that is mostly seen in the traditional casinos. Manager of the casino control the dealer and mangers are controlled by the pit bosses which directly means that the game is a unfair play. Here, you expectations and excitement both get ruined and you may leave playing casino games and even stop gambling in the near future. However, this is not possible in online casino as everything is fair and simple and casino is not run by any pit bosses.

So, if you want privacy and enjoy gambling the comfort of your home then Online Casino Malaysia is best option for you. One last thing that traditional ones won’t offer you is deposit and withdraw in minutes. So, ready to enjoy online gambling.

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