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All about FIFA world cup 2018 (Russia) – Place your bets at the most credible platform!

The Fifa season is finally back! And this time with more enthusiasm and thrill! This will be the 21st FIFA world cup 2018 going to be held in the beautiful Russia. The whole tournament is scheduled from 14th June to 15th July with extremely bang on extravaganza. This would be the 11th world cup being held within Europe and their remarkable arrangements are again going to be beyond perfection. The mascot this time is Zabivaka, which is a wolf, and the name represents “the one who scores”! The tournament is surely going to be a treat for the spectators! Let’s figure out more about the same.

How the world cup’s draws work?

All of the 32 teams which have qualified for the tournament will be split up in 8, four team groups, (A-H) which are drawn from 4 pots. The groups will have one of the teams from each pot. Eventually, the teams are placed within the pots as per their position in Fifa October world rankings. So, you will the highest seven ranking teams in pot 1, with Russia along (as it is the host). Pot two will have another 8 teams as per their rankings. Each of the groups will have to face 3 matches before the winners (top 2) advance in the second round.

How to bet for teams in world cup 2018?

Just like every time, the game again is going to experience various bets and online games played upon predicting and assuming the winners in each match! A lot of websites operating online and various physical spots are all looking forward to this grand tournament where they can earn big within this season. To bet in, you just have to – :

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