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Top 8 Casino reviews, advantages and disadvantages of online casino

Online casinos offer you a virtual experience in the casino world. Plus online casinos offer multiple benefits which make this game more than gambling. It is now a business and professional for many people and a great source of living for them. So, here is a short review about online casinos in Malaysia:

Looking for the safest and secure online casino website then you must try They offer top quality gambling games like lucky palace, rollex, ho gaming etc.
  • You will get all type of online casino games in it plus it will offer you a 4D section.
  • In terms of security, player’s information is not shared nor disclosed to the third party. The website follows strict privacy policies plus all your account details keep confidential.
  • They offer sport betting and live sports betting through which you will get the updated information while betting.
  • Promotional bonus is offered by them like rewards or welcome bonus. There is s FAQ page of the website on which you will find all the answers of your questions.

ali88club website is famous for its no deposit bonus. Players will not have to deposit any money while registration plus they receive their welcome bonus in meantime.
  • Through this website players get a chance a win lot of money with fewer resources.
  • The next good thing about this website is that they have transparency in their games plus they have nothing to hide.
  • Besides this, operators of the website make sure that you will never run out of option and because of this they provide new gaming options time to time.
  • Mostly players prefer this game because here they get fair game and equal chances.

m88 as they are serving for more than 10 years and one of the trusted online casino website on internet.
  • They also offer you live casino games plus number of slot games introduced each day which will spice up the excitement.
  • Besides this, the registration process of the website is very simple plus they offer sign up bonus.
  • Also, there is withdrawal option in it through which you can withdraw your money when you went to.
  • This game offers you a comfortable online casino experience with unlimited benefits.


If you are looking for a good online casino experience then you should is best for you. Everything about this website is just top class.
  • This online websites transaction process is like a bullet train plus withdrawal process and deposing process is just amazing.
  • Taking about its bonus, they very are generous regarding it plus you will get the bonus at the time of registration.
  • One of the important things about this bonus is that they offer you two types of bonus points i.e. one is 20% and second is 100%. But these bonus points are offered to you with different terms and conditions.
  • At last their customer support services are great and they have friendly behaviors regarding their customers.

dafabet is another top website for online casino. This website is ideal for sports betting plus offers you live sports events through which you can make huge money.

  • This website is also live scores of different sports which is very helpful for their players. The gaming software of this site is extremely amazing plus works excellent.
  • It is designed perfectly and also user friendly. It users can operate it easily and available to you with multiple functions.
  • But while transactions, there is chances of human errors in it which might bother you. But overall the website is good and highly trustable.

bet365 game is kind of different from other online casino games. You will get different types of games in it.

  • They offer huge selection of choices in which you can select from different types of games. There are more than 500 games in it plus each game have some different features in it which will offers amazing twist and turn.
  • Unlike other games, you will get weekly bonus in this game which is quite a different and new thing in online casino games. Besides this, the process of getting bonus is quite simple and easy.
  • All your favorite slot games are there for you like Tikki Tastic, kingdom of cash, wild wishes etc, Dragon Place etc.

bodog is an online casino which offers the best online platform for sports betting. Since 1994, its provide world class services plus offers you different teams and leagues.

  • You can play the most popular games in it and compete with different league teams.
  • The website offers you daily betting bonus or re-depositing bonus.
  • You got a chance to win event tickets in it. Well, this is quite fun and interesting too plus you can make extra money from it without any investment.
  • Also, in this you will get a t-shirt and jersey of your team and it is for free.

9club is new in the gambling business but in a short tine this website become favorites of gamblers.

  • If you are kind of person who like different game then this website is good starting point. Its endless games and live casinos will offer you a gambling experience at one place.
  • You will get tables game also like blackjack, video poker, slot machines etc. Plus play live games through live casinos and get entertained by real dealers.
  • Besides this, the game offer by these casinos has amazing video quality and its graphics will give you realistic look and feeling.
  • The USP of this website is its different types of bonus like welcome bonus, deposit bonus, monthly bonus etc.
  • Besides this, bonus points are rewarded according to the type of games but the only drawback of this game is that while playing players face inconvenience with the web design as it is not responsive.

So, this is all about the review of top casino games around the world.  Hope this information will be helpful for you. Now, let’s look for the advantages and disadvantages of online casino.

Advantages of playing online casino games

1. Comfort 

No doubt, this is the main reason why most of the people go for online casino games. Also, not all the people are very rich and have time for casino games. Also, land based casinos are quite frustrating when you lose your money and have bad experience in it. Well, you will not face such problem in online casino as is very different from land based. Online casinos are for those people who neither have enough money nor time to spend. All you need a computer, an online casino website and internet and the fun started. Also, you will get a loud free and tension free atmosphere to play.

2. Variety of games 

Each site offers unlimited games like slot games, blackjack, poker etc. Besides this, when you play online then you will get all the updated games in no time while this is not possible in land based casinos. Also, online games offer you a way through which you can self learn all the things which will improve your skills and thinking power. Besides this, there are many free games available online which are very helpful in learning the new strategies of the game. On the other hand you will not get a practice session in land based casinos.

3. Added bonus 

Everyone loves bonus and you will get them in online casino games. The websites offer sign up bonus and these bonus may be in the form of free games or in the form of free trials for new members. Also, if tournaments and events required deposits then the website will offer you bonus points regarding such deposits.

4. Bet sizes 

Online casino games have virtual existence which running cost is not high but this is not in the case of land based casinos. They have to pay land rents and overheads and because of this the bet size of these casinos are limited.

Disadvantages of playing online casino games

1. No social interaction 

Virtual casinos may offer many benefits but due to lack of social interaction there are chances of fraud and manipulation. Also, with so many online gambling websites it is hard to trust on everyone and your personal information is also at stake if you choose wrong website.

2. System downtime 

This is risky plus frustrating especially when you are winning the match. Also, if your system is down then you lose all your fluency and thus your efficiency decreases.

3. Issue with withdrawal

I know many websites claim that you can easily withdraw your bonus or winning amount but most of them will not fulfill their commitments. At the time of withdrawal they ask for certain documents and identity cards which make your withdraws process lengthy and time consuming.


Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and so with the case with online casinos. So, if you are searching for online casino than above casino review might help you in right selection.

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