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SCR888 Hacking games – Top 5 SCR888 hacking game of all time


SCR888 Hacking games are so much popular among the players who are technology freaks. Various teenagers and professional people are huge fan of these games. Well, there is no doubt that these games are meant for those people who are quite intelligent because it requires the usage of set of skills and knowledge about the game and about its procedure. So because of this, here are the most famous hacking games:

Enter the Matrix

Many of you seen the movie matrix and matrix reloaded and after that game inspired from it are released in the market. The game is very exciting as you have to solve many things in the game in order to do the hacking thing. This game is terminal based and you will find the hacking option in the menu of the game. The game is full of puzzles and includes many computer directories which you have to explore and then try to solve each and every puzzle in front of you. Besides this, the game includes blueprints, trails, and hidden messages etc which lead to the solution. Also, when you solve the puzzles then you will be rewarded commands which you can use in the game for further process.

System 15000

This game is released by the apple and on the mac and the theme of the game is Afghanistan and it is a first official game related to hacking. The game is based on commands and the game includes a bulletin board and will give you the feel of war games. Also in this game, one has to find out the password and then out it in the blank space to unlock the next level of the game. The game is full of mysterious but the game does not include any type of exploring as it only includes hacking in the game. The game is adventures and you will get a hacking sim in the game which is real. Taking about the graphics then it is ok but the game is addictive and you will find excitement in each stage.


This game belongs to the windows and it is a Microsoft kind of game. The game concept is horror and trusts me it is killer. The game is best for iphone users and will give you the modern feel which creates suspense in the game. The game includes many interesting things which will look like you are going on an adventure. The game includes tunnels, maps of world; robotic blueprints etc. plus in the game players got an energy source which is unlimited so this will help them to solve the game challenges quite easily. This first hacking game become very popular among all the players and its selling is record breaking. The game is very appealing and is the origination of new concept. Also, this is the first kind of technology based mind game which gets so much attention from players.

These top 3 hacking games will blow your mind when you will play them plus it will help you to increase you memory power and make you clever.

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