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Case Study How James Leong Won RM23755 Playing Malaysia Casino Slot Games

Most of people believes that slot games depends on luck, somehow this is true which means that a person who has never played any type of online casino game could try his/her luck on slot game.

Other than this, you really don’t need to have knowledge of playing slot online Malaysia because you press the button and wish to end up with same icons on the slot machine.

But the question is, if slot games are that easy to play and winning on casino slot games totally depends on luck then how does some random guys like James Leong is winning big prizes again and again?

This proves that there are some tips and tricks to play slot online Malaysia games to win prizes including jackpots.

James Leong an Malaysian guy who won RM23755 by playing Malaysia casino slot games. I have read about his story in newspaper. First i thought it is fake but after investigation, i have come to know that the story of James Leong and his prize RM23755 is real and he is really winning jackpots by playing casino slot games.

After more investigation I have to come to know that he is following same steps every time whenever he play slot games which makes me to confirm that he is playing some tricks which help him to win. Indeed, he does not won RM23755 every time but most of time his winning is always in five figures.

James Leong did not shared his trick to won big prizes through casino slot games but if you read his recent interview in newspaper then you could get some idea about his strategy to play and won big prizes like RM23755 by paying Malaysia casino slot games. For instant and your help, following I am sharing his tips to win slot games.

You can use these tips to increase your chances of winning prizes through casino slot games:

Build up your bankroll:

Its mean that you need to set that how many money you are going to bet in slot games online. What will be the quantity of money you will use each time. Usually the a best bank roll strategy is to start bets from very low prices. By doing this, you did not just bet more but you got more chances to win big prizes including more jackpots and you will play more games as well.

Try to increase the amount of your bet with winning amount instead of using your original money. This will save your original investment in your pocket which could be use later to bet big money. Only increase your bet if you are winning something. Play again and again with minimum bets on slot machines until you earn something, then increase the amount of bet.

Choose best slot machine:

Slot online Malaysia from has so many different types of slot machines. Each slot machine has different number of games. The idea behind each machine is same but could be different in term of prizes, jackpots and playing theme.

So, pick wisely. If you are aware with a slot machine, it is better to try your luck on that one because you know who that how to play slot games on that specific slot machine.

Start from basics to advance:

James told in one of his interview that he start playing basic slot games in start to learn how to play slot games. He said that many newbie start trying their luck on very advance slot games because its offer better prizes. He said, this is a big mistake because to play advance slot games, you first need to play basic games to understand the phenomena of slot games online.

Pick best game to play:

Don’t just think that you are Mr. James and you are slot master. Not all slot games are designed for you. You need to give sometime to know which slot machine suits you and which slot machine has a slot game which suits with your taste and specially with luck.

If you are new to slot online Malaysia then try your luck on several slot games. Learn trick and try different skills to win the casino slot games. In very short time you will succeed to found a best slot game which would have more chances of your winning.

Take advantage of free slot games:

Most of slot online Malaysia casino offers you to take free trial of their slot games. This option is designed to attract new gambler to join their club. But as a gambler, you can take advantage of this offer. Because every club has different slot games which has been played with different style.

Online casino could be vary website to website. So, don’t miss free trial of online slot games to learn how does slot games has been played online including what type of prizes you can won and what are the chances of jackpot including its prize etc.

Don’t miss free promotions:

Online casino clubs do offer free bonuses on the registration or winning a game or playing games for specific number of times. This offer usually includes the use of their virtual money or discount on your deposit to the website.

This promotions could be real game changer for newbie specially when you get on registration on casino website. Usually you have to attach your credit card to use these promotions at registration. So, don’t worry about it because it won’t charge you anything without your permission.

Select big jackpots slot games:

Every slot machine has different sizes of jackpots. Usually a difficult slot game online come up with big jackpot prizes. Picking a game on the bases of jackpot prize is a great strategy to play slot games online but this will be only work if you have skills and good experience to win slot games.

Don’t do this until you become expert or you have enough money to loss. Meanwhile keep eyes on all slot machines to know about their jackpots prizes because an easily slot game could have big jackpots sometime.

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